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For those of you feeling debilitated with your skin or for anyone at the start of their journey hang in there 🤍 My lovely client is on treatment 3️⃣ & we are starting to see some results. She’s consistent with her homecare regimen, doesn’t stress about recovery time & understands the skin needs time to heal ✨

We are all built differently which is why personalisation in facial treatments is key.

Some factors that influence skin health:

• Lifestyle
• Environment
• Genetics
• Medication
• Hormones
• Stress levels

Even if you have similar concerns to someone else, your skin needs can be very different. A comprehensive personalised plan will address each concern individually.

Conditions that would benefit from a personalised plan:

❕Textural issues
❕Impaired barrier
❕Fine lines & wrinkles

At times I will refer to your GP or a Dermatologist for medical coverage but most conditions can be improved, treated and maintained with:

⭐️ Skin Peels
⭐️ HydraFacials
⭐️ Enzyme Treatment
⭐️ Professional Skincare
⭐️ LED Light Therapy


Skin conditions can flare up at any time, I offer skin health check’s to revamp your skin plan to keep the results rolling ✅

SHARE with someone who is struggling with their skin & SAVE post for motivation 👏🏽

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Begin your day with a DOUBLE CLEANSE & end your day with a TRIPLE CLEANSE ✨

Double cleansing is using a pre cleanse to remove dirt & daily build up, the second cleanse focuses on skin concerns.

In the evening remember to remove your makeup with a micellar water + cotton wool pads or oil based cleanser before double cleansing.

❕Don’t forget the easily missed area’s such as the hairline, corners of the nose & the neck.

✅ Use lukewarm water to rinse off the cleanser. Gently pat dry with a clean face cloth.

✅ Invest in microfibre cloths instead of face towels. They feel soft & comforting for the skin, especially if you suffer with any skin conditions.

✅ Opt for aha’s/bha’s/enzymes in your second cleanse to gently lift dead skin & brighten the complexion.

⭐️ Pro Tip ⭐️
Whilst cleansing away impurities do some relaxing lymphatic drainage massage to aid the detoxification process ✔️

Comment below with your favourite treatment cleanser ⬇️

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I have been patiently waiting for my vitamin c to finish so I could start the #skinbetterscience Alto Defense serum 🍊 alongside these beauties ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
It’s time to switch up your summer skincare.
After 2 years of wearing a mask for 12 hour shifts back to back treatments it’s time for me to honour my own skin 💕
Ensure you’re getting plenty of antioxidants, defence, protection & hydration💦 ❕Remember❕ layering thinnest to thickest consistency aids product penetration. Always finish with sunscreen 🌞 🧴 #skinbetterscienceuk

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Welcome to my space 🤍 #soloaesthetician 🍀
I’ve been employed by the UK’s leading skincare clinics, cosmetic counters & worked alongside the industry’s best for 15 years but my favourite place is my private treatment studio 💕 created as a safe place to discuss & address skin concerns. When I was at clinics I was given minimum time to perform treatments & everything was about cost cutting because it’s client in client out but in my space I’m able to block longer appointments, change bookings on the day to suit your needs, customise every step, use quality professional products , give extensive aftercare advice, stay connected throughout your journey & see your results 💪🏽

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Stop picking your skin & have a HydraFacial instead 🌀🪠💦 @hydrafacialuk @hydrafacial 🤍 ...

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As Keratinocytes move up through the stratum spinosum and stratum granulosum, they
dilferentiate to form a rigid internal structure of keratin, microfilaments and microtubules. The
outer layer of the epidermis, the stratum corneum, is composed of layers of fattened dead
cells (coreocytes) that have lost their nucleus. These cells are then shed from the skin
(desquamation); this complete process takes approximately 28 days. As we age, this cell
renewal process takes more than 28 days.
🌀 Babies 14 days
🌀 Teenagers 21-28 days
🌀Middle age 28-42 days
🌀 50 and up 42-84 days

Meaning, what we once did for the skin may not be enough. You may be noticing fine lines, enlarged pores, loose skin, pigmentation, dullness & flare up’s. To keep the cell cycle young & healthy a helping hand from clinical facials - prescribed homecare - healthy living can address some of these concerns.

❕ Some tips for you all ❕

🤍 Wear sunscreen & re-apply throughout the day. Traditional sunscreens were white, thick & you needed a teaspoon to be protected but newer generation sunscreen are light, airy, colourless & a thin layer protects you against the sun, daily aggressions & blue light.
🤍 Wake up tired skin with a medical grade vitamin c, enzymatic exfoliation & retinol twice weekly.
🤍 After exfoliation, the penetration of serum is elevated due to it having a smaller molecular size. Use light serums underneath your moisturiser twice daily.
🤍 Stop the face scrubs - they don’t love your skin.
🤍 Gentle lymphatic drainage can aid circulation & a healthy plump glow. Massage with your daily cleanser for 1 minute twice daily to reap the benefits.
🤍 Invest in a microfibre cloths/silk pillow cases. So much softer on your skin.
🤍 Stress is a trigger for skin conditions, we can’t eliminate stress but make time for you. Relax, recover, heal, flow, eat well, sleep well, drink water, get outside & enjoy the sun safely.
🤍 Stop touching your skin, stop picking & prodding. Leave extractions to the experts.
🤍 Your skin is wise, our skin has 6 primary functions - allow them to function.

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7 steps to skin health ✨ detox, cleanse, brightening, extraction, hydration, and rejuvenation.
⭐️ Add on HydroJelly mask ⭐️

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DMK enzyme therapy has a multitude of benefits in treating ALL skin conditions. When your skin is showing something up such as acne, rosacea, dehydrated dry skin, pigmentation, enlarged pores – it is a sign of imbalance in the skin. DMK doesn’t work on the surface of the skin to treat these symptoms. It works at a much deeper cellular level to treat the imbalance.


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Home care products and compliance is so important if you’re undergoing treatments such as skin peels, enzyme treatments & needling.

All skin colours (Fitzpatrick) are not treated equally. The darker the skin type the more reactive it can be which can result in trauma so this is why preparing the skin with the correct ingredients beforehand will condition the skin and reduce risks associated with darker skin types.

If the skin is well conditioned it will respond well, heal faster, minimal recovery time and results will be achieved in time.

Professional treatments and home care go together like diet and exercise. One without the other will deliver some results but not achieve your skin goals.

Treatment products are usually prescribed pre treatment and for aftercare, if you can’t commit to a strict home care routine stick to facials which do not require preparation and no down time is involved.

Healthy skin takes time, be patient. Hormones, gut health, stress levels, environment and habits play a role so next time you suspect your skincare regime is breaking you out look at all angles before changing the routine.

We shed dead skin cells everyday! Everyday is a new chance to improve the skin.

If you have any questions feel free to schedule a consultation call in the ‘book now’ option ✅


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The unique Hydrafacial serum, which includes a snazzy mixture of antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid, is applied to the skin, with a bit of KISS & TWIST, to make sure you have well and truly absorbed it.

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Totally Zen 💙 @celluma_led_therapy ...

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Do you jelly?

A Hydrojelly™ mask is a "jelly-like" mask that provides multiple benefits to your skin such as hydration, smoothing, moisturizing, cleansing, exfoliating, conditioning, toning skin, and reducing inflammation.

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Magical 💫


Originally researched and developed by NASA, low-level light therapy, also known as photo-biostimulation, is the application of light energy to the body to obtain therapeutic benefits.

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Did you know you can customise your HydraFacial experience?

Great for dullness, uneven skin tone, texture & dehydration 💫


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Vibes 💓
I’ve been performing Hydrafacial treatments in Leicester for 7 years & the treatments are only getting better and better! There isn’t a facial out there like it. Come try 😍🤍 Lots of new boosters to choose from 💦 #hydrafacialmd

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Just So Restorative 💫 ...

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Uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing.

Remove debris from pores with painless suction. Nourish with intense moisturizers that quench skin.

Saturate the skin’s surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow.


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Spring has sprung 🌸

☀️ more sun exposure
😷 skin irritants in the air
💦 humidity
⛅️ temperature changes

How do we transition from winter to spring skin…

• Pick a cleanser with a low % active acid or enzyme to cleanse & exfoliate gently. This will dissolve dead skin, brighten the complexion & allow your skincare to glide on.

• Textures such as serum, gel & mousse tend to hydrate the skin whilst keeping it light. A light base will allow you to top up your sunscreen every 2-3 hours when enjoying the sunshine.

• Reenergise your skin with vitamin c, antioxidants, peptides & hyaluronic acid. Not every ingredient suits everyone so always get some advice from an aesthetician and do a test patch with each product before applying on the whole face.

🌻 Popular spring facial

Hydrafacial + esthemax HydroJelly mask

There is NOTHING like this that combines all these into one device, with customizable options or features, that can be delivered in quick 30 signature treatments to 60-minute platinum treatments (including lymphatic drainage, boosters, and LED light therapy).

Visit for more information 😇

Happy spring 💓

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A day full of Hydrafacial #gunkies 💯
Book your spring clean 🌸


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Bespoke Home Facial Enzyme Kits Available 🤍 Suitable for many skin conditions & skin types.
**Book your virtual consultation**

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Facialist Back Bar 🤍 ...

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You may have stumbled upon my page & thought wow she gets results with her clients! The truth is it takes time, commitment, patience and a regimented home-care routine which cannot be missed.

Behind the scenes, the skin goes through good days and bad days but I’m here to support you through the journey. Sometimes the skin gets worse and I receive meltdown messages but this is part of the process and neither of us can stop this from happening. Roll with the changes and keep going 💪🏽

A huge thank you to clients who stay consistent and know that this is a long term plan and over night cures simply don’t exist.

So if you’re considering getting in touch to improve your concerns, there will be homework for you to do 💯


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DMK Enzyme Treatment + DMK Quick Peel Added To Price List 🤍
* consultation needed *

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Real Results Real People

When I first met my client she was picking her skin daily leaving it traumatised and excoriated with scabs. We started off slow with a tailored home care regime to prepare for @skinmedclinical ENERPEEL mandelic 🤍 my fave.

Client wears a medical mask for 12 hours daily so I wanted to select a peel with minimal downtime that delivers results 💯

We’re working together to fight the urge to pick the skin which is the biggest challenge in acne plans but it’s getting there 👌🏽

Stay Positive • Take Control

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Enzyme Therapy – Restores skin to its peak condition.
DMK Enzyme Treatments work with the skin. The enzymes aim to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin to create a healthy environment for cells to live and thrive.


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De-gunking 🪠 #hydrafacialmd

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After almost 12 years of service & 12k + treatments, I have decided to pursue my dream by focussing on CosmetologyHub.

It’s been a great journey, working alongside some of the best in the industry, meeting some lovely faces and I’m looking forward to what 2022 has in store.

With your continued support the hub has grown so much & I am pleased to say I will be here full time !! 🤍🥳


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👏Standard practice :
Park in my private secure parking right outside the entrance door, not far to walk, few steps and you’re inside. There is street parking too but do not block the neighbours driveways.
👏Having a private studio gives you some significant advantages. 👏You can relax and know that you will not be exposed to large busy salons or come into contact with anyone else as there will only ever be the 2 of us in the treatment room. Nobody is allowed to wait with you.
👏There will be limited chances of cross contamination if we adhere to all policies & procedures. I have been allowing extra time to sanitise all touch points between clients so if you are early please message me before entering.
👏Standard practice: I will be wearing a mask, gloves and apron which is changed after each treatment. Couch roll is changed per treatment, no towels used.
PLEASE NOTE: I have 2 air vents fitted so the room is much cooler, I will not be supplying blankets so please wear warm clothing & feel free to bring your own blanket.
NB Important changes for you :
✅Please inform me if you have travelled abroad in the last 14 Days.
✅ If you have any cold or cough symptoms.
✅If you generally feel unwell.
✅Please shower before coming for your treatment.
✅ Where possible leave your coat , bag and belongings etc in your car - only bring what you need with you inside.
✅You will be asked to cleanse your hands when entering the treatment room ..
1) Apply hand Sanitiser provided. Alcohol free sanitiser available for eczema / dermatitis sufferers.
2) You will be asked to wear a hair net (Standard practice). Please ensure hair is tied up.
3) No makeup to be worn to your treatment. I will not accept this & your treatment will be refused.
4) No jewellery to be worn and remove all piercings prior to entering the treatment room.
5) Ensure you have read the pre & post care highlight & all forms are filled in pre treatment.
6) Please ensure you have used a bathroom before entering the treatment room.
7) Allow 72 hours before cancelling or re-arranging.
8) Do a lateral flow test prior to your appointment to keep us all safe.

Thank you 🤍

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Result after 1 Enerpeel Mandelic @skinmedclinical

4 weeks strict home care preparation using #cytoceuticals to enhance skin health, aid skin recovery post treatment & deliver results!

Photo taken 3 weeks apart to show realistic results. Less redness, less inflammation, spot size reduction, improved texture & glowing skin 🤍


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A process of clearing out gunk in your pores which includes dirt, sebum, sweat & make-up #gunkfreepores

HydraFacial to the rescue 💦

#theleicestershirefacialist @cosmetology_hub

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