Wood Lamp, Skin Scan at Cosmetology Hub in Leicester

Are you curious to see how healthy your largest organ is?

At Cosmetology Hub I offer a skin scan and assessment before any skin treatment. The scan penetrates safe UV rays into the epidermis, allowing both, clients and myself, to visualise areas that may need attention prior to any treatment. It allows me to conduct a thorough assessment of your skin type and concerns.

As part of this analysis we will discuss lifestyles and daily routines to identify if we can alter any regimes for quick wins for the benefit of your long-term overall skin health. My years of experience and case studies has proven to me over and over again, using the right products for your skin along with right techniques at home significantly contributes towards getting your natural glow. Those slight tweaks make the difference!

Following the assessment I will recommend a range of products or ingredients best suited for your skin type or condition. I will also advise of any tailored treatments to get the best out of your skin!

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