Chemical Skin Peel Leicester 

If you have skin concerns such as ageing skin, acne, pigmentation, fine lines, uneven texture or scarring, then a chemical skin peel may be able to help you. It offers anything from an incredible instant complexion boost to treating conditions such as acne, rosacea and more. At Cosmetology Hub I use a medical range of safe and effective peels with concentrated percentages to ensure you get the best results from your skin peels! 

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A chemical skin peel promotes the revival of brand new skin cells by using the perfect blend of essential atoms to break down surface problematic layers. It enhances facial appearance, and is commonly used for reducing the signs of ageing, treating deeper wrinkles and scars, sun damaged skin and more. For long term, deeper underlying conditions I would recommend a course of treatments to yield the greatest benefits. 

At Cosmetology Hub, Leicester, all skin peels and facial treatments are super safe, all equipment is sterile with safety and hygiene standards above-board. This ensures you get the best treatment and ultimately the best results.

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Enzyme Peel

Enzyme peels are a blend of natural fruit ingredients that accelerate the natural exfoliation process to bring newer, healthier skin cells to the surface layer. Enzyme peels are suitable for the most sensitive skin types and combat acne breakouts, dissolve blackheads, fade pigmentation and gently works on first signs of ageing. Due to it being a milder peel, it has little to no downtime and if you’re new to the world of peels, the enzyme peel is a great place for you to start. If your skin feels dull the enzyme peel uses a variety of fruit enzymes such as pineapple, papaya and pumpkin alongside AHA’s / BHA’s / Antioxidants to give you the ultimate peel experience.

Jessners Peel

This powerful peel utilises a patented carrier technology, to transport 15% Salicylic acid, 14% Resorcinol and 20% Lactic acid deep into the skin to target melanocytes directly for maximum efficiency for the treatment of dermal pigmentation. This peel gently breaks down the darkened skin and brings lightened skin to the surface. Enerpeel JR can also be used for anti-ageing, uneven skin tone and acne scarring. You must use Tebiskin LC (Tyrosinase Inhibitor) 4 weeks prior to starting the JR Peel alongside your tailored skincare products.

Glycolic Peel

The glycolic acid chemical peel is one of the mildest hydroxy acid peels derived from fruits, sugar beets, and sugar cane. The superficial peel employs hydroxy acid (AHA) to loosen the bond behind the dead skin cells on the surface layer, allowing the naturally brighter and fresher layer underneath to come to the surface. It has anti-ageing properties, helps discolouration and dark spots from sun damage, clears dirt from your pored and stimulates collagen building over time.

This type of peel is typically has very little downtime. To treat specific skin conditions I would recommend a course of treatments.

Mandelic Peel

Mandelic Peel available at Cosmetology Hub is scientifically proven as one of the best in the market with up to 40% concentration levels. The alpha hydroxy acid has great antibacterial and antiviral properties, stimulating tissue remodelling and collagen fibre production.

It’s excellent for reducing inflammation on the skin. It helps with skin conditions such as rosacea treatment and stubborn acne treatments. The antibacterial properties and active formula in the acid helps to reduce and remove excessive skin bacteria keeping pore follicles clear.

Salicylic Peel

Salicylic peel is naturally found in willow bark and winter green leaves and belongs to the beta hydroxy acid. Surprisingly, it’s been around for over 2,000 years! I recommend salicylic peels for specific skin types and management of acne, mild congestion, oil control and inflammation.


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