Extractions Facial Leicester

An extraction facial is great if you’re looking to remove dirt inside the pores, remove blackheads and exfoliate the skin. Leaving you feeling deeply refreshed.

Remove Blackheads and get the best Extractions Facial near you in Leicester

I use BT-micro machine by bio-therapeutic it’s one of the latest innovations for ultrasonic exfoliations and extractions like you’ve never seen! The award winning tool is extremely effective using its patented technology and high-speed ultrasonic oscillations to seamlessly extract blackheads, dirt, and clogged pores whilst exfoliating the skin.

This skin treatment can be used for a refreshing deep extraction facial, or combined with one of my tailored signature facials to allow better penetration of products leaving the skin feeling super soft and smooth for nourishing product application.

Most my facials will offer the BT-Micro at no extra cost to the client. When preparing the skin, I use a number of techniques to remove any blackheads and junk in the pores. This is just one of them!

Book in for an Extraction Facials with the Leicestershire Facialist at Cosmetology Hub.

Alternatively, if your looking to look your best self for an upcoming event, then you must try this! Makeup application also sits flawless!

Does the treatment remove blackheads

Absolutely! The extraction facial with the BT-Micro uses ultrasonic technology to seamlessly remove the deepest blackheads. The vibrations allow the blackheads to rise to the surface making it a super simple to extract whilst also clearing out any junk inside your pores.

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What is BT-Micro® for extractions?

The BT-Micro’s® high speed ultrasonic oscillations revolutionises extractions in a facial like no other! It cleans and reduces congestion on the skin. It effortlessly glides to ease out comedones and blackheads deep in the pores.

Are the extractions painful?

The BT-Micro uses light pressure but can be adjusted to your personal needs and pressure tolerance. To loosen the comedones and congestion, light vapour will be used prior to extractions.

How long does the extractions take?

In comparison to manual extractions, which are typically uncomfortable, the BT-Micro® acts fast and the treatment would usually take 15-30 minutes. Depending on what treatment your having, this will be a included at no extra charge.